Our Mission

The purpose of this site is to create, complete, reformat, and/or compile handbooks for all of the classes in 3.5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Many decent handbooks are already in existence, but not compiled somewhere with an easy-to-read, universal format. Existing handbooks often lack sources for the alternate class features, feats, and spells they use; or outright lack some options for practical optimization; this archive will attempt to source all of the elements in any handbook it creates or updates.

The goal of each guide is to showcase the myriad ways and options you can take to build an optimal character — not the most optimum, powerful character given the class, but an optimum character for your vision. This is called Practical Optimization, and the guides here are designed to help you practically optimize character concepts while recognizing that some things are more powerful than others. I believe that 3.5e is truly a robust system, and despite its imbalances, the huge array of options can be used to re-create any sort of character concept with a usable amount of power. (Except archers.)

RED/RUBBISH-  Worst possible option, absolutely useless feature, or the least-optimized choice. It’s not really optimizing if you take these. (These are not ever good.)

PURPLE/POOR – A generally undesirable option, less useful feature, or a choice that is optimal in rare builds. (These are not very good most of the time.)

BLACK/BALANCED – A good option, a useful feature, or a choice that can work in many builds or a general build. (These are good generally).

BLUE/BEST – A superb option, an always-useful feature, or a choice that can define a build or greatly impact any character. (These are very good always).

GOLD/CHEEZY – The best possible option,  a game-changing feature, or a choice that is essential and powerful on any character in any build. You have to take these. (These are way too good.)

Keeping this in mind, all the guides here assume some basic things:

1. Multiclassing is possible, with no EXP penalties for multiclassing.

2. The campaign is generalized, with a chance for any sort of enemy, obstacle, or environment in existent to be thrown at you.

3. All official sourcebooks are allowed, but Dragon Magazine is overlooked in most cases.

4. Extremely broken stuff is banned. (See this page for a list of things that lead to disgusting cheese.)


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