The Beguiler is a good blend of a Rogue and a Sorcerer. It is a skillmonkey with a lot of powerful disabling utility spells, and can fight without doing damage. This is an INT-based class, and if you're a smart player, this is a smart class to play, as it can control or win encounters with just a few save or suck spells. It is inherently powerful, possessing enchantment and illusion spells and a handful of other impactful spells, so not much optimization needs to be done to push this class. It already has diverse and effective options via its spell list and skill list, and will not be very MAD. Having said that, its power can be further pushed to the point where it will be virtually impossible to resist its spells, barring immunity. A lot of playing a beguiler is really just playing the game, by which I mean, being good with NPCs; by which I mean, being a clever roleplayer.

Base Stats

Hit Die: d6 – Better than most full casters. 
Base Attack Bonus: Worst – Not relevant, but not good. You don't need BAB. You can work with this, though.
Saves: Bad Fort, Bad Ref, Good Will – Will saves are the most important, but it sucks to have a cruddy Ref save for the occasional burst damage, falling rock, or trap. 
Skill Points: 6 + INT – Much like the hit die, you can't ask for more on a spellcaster. With many class skills and INT as the casting ability, you will have a great number of skill points, and be able to put the skills you do have to good use.

Ability Scores

Strength – Dump stat for Beguilers. Really no use for STR, ever, under any circumstance.
Dexterity – Depending on your build and pereferences, this can be lower or higher. It's the third most important stat objectively, but some people like higher CHA or WIS. 
Constitution – Get as much CON as you can, as it adds HP that you need to stay alive. You get a few more HP than similar classes, but more CON is always better. If you want to slack off a bit though for an off-build with DEX or invest in some WIS/CHA, the d6 instead of the d4 hit die allows you to.
Intelligence – A 19 is needed to cast the highest-level spells. Besides that, this governs bonus spells, skill points, knowledges, and most prominently the save DCs of your spells. You need high save DCs on a Beguiler because her spell list is composed almost entirely of spells that allow saves. Pump this stat as much as possible, it is just way more important than any other stat by a large margin.
Wisdom – Governs your Will saves and your perception skills. You may want it high for Arcane Disciple, a feat that can expand your spell list, but other than that it needs little to no advancement.
Charisma – Not really a dump stat, but not really worth investing too heavily in. DEX, WIS, and CHA are all about equally weighted on a Beguiler, depending on what you want your character to be like. If you're trying to be an even better party face, you can keep this non-dumped, but you could be an effective party face without CHA investment because of Glibness and the general power of spells.


Basically, you want to be a gnome. If you can't be a gnome, you probably want to be small size class, or smaller. The smaller your race, the cheezier your character!

HumanSRD – There aren't a lot of races that boost INT, so as usual an extra feat is great compensation, especially for Prestige Classes that are Feat-intensive. 

Class Features

1 Weapon Proficiency: All Simple, Hand Crossbow, Rapier, Shortbow, Shortsword – You shouldn’t have to use an actual weapon, but if you do you have a better list of options than a wizard at least. The Hand Crossbow is an exotic weapon, and a cool one at that.
1 Armor Proficiency: Light Armor – Even though you don't have shields, you probably wouldn't want one anyway. At most a buckler, but a buckler is worth 1 AC and so it's nothing to worry about. You can't wear a medium suit of mithral armor, though, which kind of sucks.
1 Armored Mage [Ex] – Better than casting Mage Armor all the time, but not really a huge improvement vs other casting classes. Your AC will probably still be bad. Really just convenient, automatic Mage Armor.
1 Trapfinding – Half of the draw of this class is that you get to be a Rogue AND a caster, but trapfinding is sort of situational. If your DM is one that likes to put traps everywhere, then this can be useful, assuming you put in the skill points.
1 Spellcasting – The most useful part of most any class. Unfortunately, your list is rather mediocre, but you have class features to add to your list.
2 Cloaked Casting (+1 DC) – Sort of like sneak attack on spells. Sadly, it is not as easy to set up, since flanking isn’t included. However, there are many other simple ways to deny an opponent his DEX mod. See this list on making an opponent Flat-Footed, and this list on Sneak Attack. 
2 Surprise Casting – The “solution” to the problem just mentioned. The problem is that you need to be in melee range and stay in melee range to use this. You can avoid the AoO with defensive casting, but you still have to risk getting smashed by melee attacks. With light armor and d6 HD you are not well suited to the front line. Not a recommended tactic. If you really want to use Cloaked Casting, you should use marbles or invisibility. Otherwise, this is a trash, trash ability. 
3, 7, 11, 15, 19 Advanced Learning – The bright spot for a class with a pretty limited spell list. The options are limited to Enchantment and Illusion, which are sadly somewhat limited schools, but there are certainly some good picks even so. This can help you get the pre-reqs for a few good prestige classes too.
6 Silent Spell – Not the best metamagic, but certainly one that suits the Beguiler’s intended role. Unfortunately, the nature of spontaneous casting means that using a silent spell takes extra time on top of the extra slot. However, a free feat is a free feat, and this feat will count towards prestige class pre-reqs in lots of cases.
6 Surprise Casting (move action) – With this improvement, Surprise Casting could maybe be a useful tactic. However, most beguilers will go into a prestige class before Cloaked Casting becomes anything worthwhile. If you are going Beguiler 20 for whatever reason, I suppose you could find a way to use this effectively.
8 Cloaked Casting (+2 vs SR) – Half as effective as Spell Penetration and only works in certain situations. Still, SR is annoying enough that maxing your check can never hurt. If you build to use this, it will be of some benefit.
10 Still Spell – About the same as Silent Spell, but it comes a bit too late. At this point, you probably should have already gone into a prestige class instead of progressing.
14 Cloaked Casting (+2 DC) – Not terrible, but definitely not worth waiting for. It is very difficult to think of a reason why you wouldn’t have taken a prestige class by this point unless your DM has some kind of universal ban on them.
20 Cloaked Casting (overcome SR) – This is actually a pretty cool ability, or at least it would be if it ever saw use. If you didn’t take a prestige class you are probably missing out on something else at least as cool but probably cooler in order to get this.

Spell List


0th-Level — These Don't Really Matter

Dancing Lights – Beguiler's version of Light. Short duration makes it pretty useless.
Daze – Daze for a turn is maybe okay at level 1. The HD limit makes it irrelevant after that.
Detect Magic – Probably the spell from this level you will mostly use after level 1. Find traps or determine if an item is magic.
Ghost Sound – Potentially useful depending on how much your DM values roleplay. Can void combat against especially dumb humanoids or animals with the right sounds.
Message – Would be useful at a greater range. The duration is pretty long though, so sometimes could be useful.
Open/Close – If you suspect a door or chest is trapped, you may as well try this spell. Most traps are set on locks though, so it isn't likely to help.
Read Magic – Only the most pedantic of DMs care about this spell.

1st-Level — Will Save or Lose

Charm Person – A really great spell, though it will almost never work in combat. Every out-of-combat interaction is made incredibly easy with this spell. Charmed merchants should always give you better prices, charmed guards will probably let you in, and you most likely can avoid ever having to fight in any circumstance where you can get close and cast the spell. Your DM might get tired of this though and overhaul the diplomacy rules.
Color Spray – This spell is broke, broke, broke. At level 1, you can end every combat encounter with one casting of this spell unless there are too many enemies to fit in the area of effect. The exceptions are the same creatures that will be a problem for you at every level: undead, constructs, plants, and oozes (but who has oozes at 1st level?). It quickly loses effectiveness, but even at higher levels stunning for a turn in a cone isn’t the worst thing, and if you trick out your DCs you can likely still get it to work against magical beasts and other creature types with low base Will saves.
Comprehend Languages – This spell is pretty narrow; it doesn’t give you speaking ability. As such, it’s generally not doing much for you.
Detect Secret Doors – If you are doing a lot of dungeon crawling, this spell can be amazing. In outdoor settings, it does literally nothing. Fortunately, you don’t need to prepare spells, so you always have this option open to you.
Disguise Self – Decent for infiltration, but the personal range makes it pretty difficult to keep the party together. The duration is also a little too short for what you typically want to do with it
Expeditious Retreat – If you need to run, this will make sure you get away. At low levels, this could happen pretty often, so you may be glad of this spell.
Hypnotism – Obnoxiously short duration, random HD affected, and a generally lackluster effect make this pretty clearly worse than the rest of your Will-save spells. Don’t use this.
Mage Armor – Made irrelevant by your own armored mage class feature. However, if you have allies that can’t wear armor this spell is pretty good, due to the duration. Consider using it on an animal companion if there is one in the party, especially if you are higher level. 
Obscuring Mist – Probably the level 1 spell most likely to be useful past level 3. The duration is enough to be an entire combat, and the effect of the spell pretty well neuters physical threats while letting AoE spells work without a problem.
Rouse – Almost never going to be relevant, you can just use a standard action to wake people up from magical sleep. I can't think of any other uses.
Silent Image – Pretty useful, though it is somewhat limited by the lack of other sensations. The key thing about this spell is that the enemy has to interact with it to have the chance for a will save. Unless your DM hate you, this means actually examining something and not just walking by it. That means you can easily make a fake wall to hide behind or a rock to hide under or really whatever you want. Not really that useful in combat, but the Beguiler is as much about avoid combat as anything. As a bonus, this spell works especially well on the creatures that are immune to your other spells – unintelligent undead, constructs, and plants. Just keep in mind that things that track by scent won’t be fooled. Does stay relevant longer than alternatives.
Sleep – The big upside to this spell is that it has pretty good range. Color Spray will usually end a fight fast, but sleep can end it before the other party even knows there is a fight. Sleeping creatures are helpless, which means they can be killed by a coup de grace. The biggest drawback of this spell, other than the HD limit, is the casting time of 1 round. If you want to use this spell, you are much better off doing it before you are spotted.
Undetectable Alignment – This spell has very narrow use outside of dumb shenanigans. If you are running the evil party then you might need to dodge a paladin or two with this spell, but it isn’t likely to get much use otherwise.
Whelm – This spell is always worse than alternatives. There are so many things immune to nonlethal damage and mind-affecting effects that your list of targets is super narrow, and all of what’s left can be more easily dealt with by one of your save-or-lose spells.

2nd-Level — Buffs and Blindness

Blinding Color Surge – A very strange spell. The blindness is generally not going to matter, but the invisibility does. Worth using over invisibility in a combat situation.
Blur – A decent buff if you have extra time before a battle and the extra spells to spend.
Daze Monster – Almost never going to be relevant. The action is only worth the effort in a battle against a single target, but by level 4 the odds that target has 6 or fewer hit dice are pretty bad.
Detect Thoughts – Extremely useful in roleplay situations, extremely useless outside of them. The restriction to only surface thoughts is up to DM interpretation, but you should at least be able to tell if someone has immediately malicious intent.
Fog Cloud – Obscuring Mist but starting from a point you choose. This spell is a great way to disorient enemies and, like Obscuring Mist, set them up to be pummeled by area attacks.
Glitterdust – One of the most broken spells at this level. It has a great range and a decent spread, and the effect is basically as good as Invisibility cast on your whole party. On top of that, spell resistance has no effect, and if you are dealing with enemies who use invisibility they are instantly neutered.
Hypnotic Pattern – Bad, don’t ever use this.
Invisibility – A really great buff at this level, especially for a non-offensive caster. You can easily sneak past anything you want or just use it to throw out spells without any risk of getting hit.
Knock – If you are the party rogue, this spell is going to be a necessity. Completely invalidates Open Lock as a skill.
Minor Image – Not really that much more useful than Silent Image. Generally not worth the spell slot.
Mirror Image – The single best defensive spell. The odds of getting hit drop to 33% at the highest until an enemy manages to clear out some of the copies. Area effects ruin this, so pick the right spell for the job.
Misdirection – Somehow even less relevant than Undetectable Alignment. If you somehow know ahead of time you are going to be scryed or something similar, this theoretically avoids it, but the duration means you need to know when within a pretty narrow tolerance.
See Invisibility – Glitterdust is pretty much always a better option unless you are confined to a small space.
Silence – Very good against casters. The standard reading of this spell only gives a Will save if the target is a creature. That means that if you cast the spell on an object and then attach that object to a creature, that creature doesn’t get the chance to beat it. An unfriendly DM could choose to interpret the Will save as happening when a creature enters an area, in which case the spell becomes virtually worthless. If there’s any question about which way it works, clear it up before you use the spell.
Spider Climb – Potentially amazing, but usually only indoors. Assuming the ceiling is high enough, swords can’t reach you/your target and it’s also pretty unlikely that someone passing through a dark hallway will see you on the ceiling.
Stay the Hand – Potentially useful if only because it makes use of your immediate action. If you are the only target in melee range, it essentially dazes the target.
Touch of Idiocy – This spell has no save, which automatically makes it pretty good. Its effects are mostly noticeable against casters, as it can make their spells inaccessible. However, this attack is touch-range only, which is obnoxious, and it can’t reduce a score below 1, so it doesn’t do anything but lower Will saves against non-casters.
Vertigo – Decent, although many things are immune. Making a Balance check makes you flat-footed, so it creates an opening for sneak attacks on every turn of its duration. However, Glitterdust denies targets a Dex bonus, so it is probably a better means to the same end.
Whelming Blast – If you are going to hit targets this close to you, there are much better ways to do it than nonlethal damage.

3rd-Level — Hurry Up and Wait

Arcane Sight – Deluxe Detect Magic. The duration isn’t particularly long, so it isn’t obvious why you would have a use for it over several castings of Detect Magic.
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance – This spell would be great, except the casting time is 10 minutes and the range is less than a quarter mile. If you need to scout something that close, you are better off going invisible and walking there.
Crown of Veils – Worse than Disguise Self or Invisibility pretty much all the time. Worse still, it uses up your head slot.
Deep Slumber – By this point, the HD is totally not keeping up with your level, and this spell isn’t going to matter pretty much ever.
Dispel Magic – Really useful, but also really tough to succeed with. The only protection against Dispel Magic is a caster level check, which is nice. Unfortunately, most spellcasters will be at or above you level, which makes your chances of success less than stellar. However, against a creature with a stack of buffs, you will probably clear at least one of them.
Displacement – The upgrade to Blur. You shouldn’t use this on yourself, because Invisibility does it better. However, the party fighter or animal companion can make great use of this, as it doesn’t fade when you attack.
Glibness – This spell is ridiculous in roleplay. The Bluff skill gives a DC modifier of +20 for something that is completely outrageous, and this spell gives you a +30 bonus to your skill check. Assuming you are invested in the skill, even someone fully trained in Sense Motive is at least 75% likely to believe you telling an outrageous lie, and barely anyone gets Sense Motive as a class skill. On top of that, spells that would get through regular lies are unlikely to work on Glibness, and create a false sense of security. Exactly how much you can do with successful bluff checks is up to DM discretion, but you can get pretty creative.
Halt – Potentially good if only because it lets you make use of an immediate action. The effect is pretty weak for a 3rd level spell though. Circumstantially useful, so be sure to remember you have the option.
Haste – This spell is pretty damn good (though not as good as the borked 3.0 version). An extra attack on a full-attack can be crazy, though it’s most effective on certain animal companions than on fighters. The movement boost and the attack and AC boost are secondary, though pretty useful. The biggest draw is that you can cast it on your entire party, assuming everyone is close enough together. Definitely one of the better buff spells in the right party.
Hesitate – Potentially really good. An immediate action spell that has an effect for more than one turn is really great action economy. However, this spell could just as easily do nothing between the chance for a save and the chance for spell resistance. You also are required to use it at the start of the enemy’s turn, so you can use it on, for example, a barbarian charging at you.
Hold Person – This spell is crazy, though it would be better if you got it at level 2 like the cleric does. Against standard flying creatures, this spell does falling damage on top of making them an easy target. Like sleep, this spell makes it possible to coup de grace the target. The range on this spell is pretty good, so you can make things very easy for yourself by aiming for a target in melee combat.
Inevitable Defeat – Not enough damage to matter and touch range is way closer than you want to be.
Invisibility Sphere – This spell could be good but usually isn’t. It has basically no use in combat, since the odds of everyone sticking together and not attacking are basically nil. It’s simpler than casting invisibility on your entire party though, so if you are sneaking through a hallway this spell is probably good enough.
Legion of Sentinels – A pretty weird spell. Situationally it could be very useful — in a narrow corridor, an enemy trying to approach you takes half a dozen attacks of opportunity. It also provides flanking for the rogue if the enemy is anywhere in the vicinity. However, the enemy can pretty easily choose not to walk through the field, and the range isn’t long enough to trap a distant enemy.That said, this spell gives no save, no spell resistance, and no enemy is immune to it unless they are immune to slashing damage, so it can be useful in situations where most of your spells aren’t.
Major Image – This is the illusion you’ve been waiting for. At this point, you have every sense that is going to come up outside of touch, so you can make something really work. On top of that, the sound is no longer restricted like with minor image, so you can make an illusionary person or similar. There’s really no limit to what you can do with this spell, as long as you have a high enough save DC that you can reasonably assume that your target won’t make the save.
Nondetection – Fairly useless, but at least at this point the duration is probably long enough to actually protect you from scrying. In most cases though, the DM isn’t going to give you enough warning for this to matter. 
Slow – Pretty damn nice if you can get it off. No full-round actions protects against some of the most brutal melee attackers and the lowered movement speed makes even the partial charge pretty useless. It also allows several targets, which is not true of all of your spells at this level. The range is pretty jank though, so keep that in mind when you use this spell. Even with the lowered move speed you still need to watch out against fast enemies like big cats and fliers.
Suggestion – Potentially really nice, but you have to share a language to make it actually work, which narrows its use considerably. Still, in non-combat contexts this spell can be really nice, and even in combat you can do some pretty effective things, like making a paladin throw his sword.
Vertigo Field – Not really worth it over one of the mist or cloud effects.
Zone of Silence – Not much effect for the spell slot you are using. The radius is incredibly narrow.

 4th-Level — How to Disappear Completely and Influence People

Charm Monster – This spell is RIDICULOUS. Firstly, the duration is measured in DAYS, so you know you don’t need to cast it twice. Secondly, it hits anything that could be hit by a mind-affecting spell, not just humanoids. This spell needs to be plan A before anyone draws a weapon, because if you succeed you could easily have a bonus party member. The actual range of targets is of course somewhat restricted, both because the spell is mind-affecting and because the target gets both a save and spell resistance. That said, if you use it on an animal or a magical beast, you have a pretty damn good chance of success and you get to bring it with you. This is why you became a Beguiler, more likely than not.
Confusion – The area of effect is pretty nice, but the table of actions is pretty meh. Each turn there is a 20% chance it doesn’t help you at all and a 30% chance that it just attacks whatever is closest. As a result, it is pretty much never useful against a single target, but it is pretty great if you have a clumped group of low-Will enemies.
Crushing Despair – This spell has bad range, bad save, and really not much of an effect. Don’t bother.
Freedom of Movement – This spell is amazing to have available without preparation. When it matters it matters a ton. Firstly, it nullifies a huge amount of really dangerous magic, secondly it gets you out of any grapple, and thirdly it makes water encounters much much less annoying. Definitely a good option.
Greater Invisibility – The version of invisibility that your melee allies care about. Unfortunately, the duration is 1 rd/lvl and the range is touch, so there is no real way to make good use of it in combat. Still, the rogue probably loves it, and if you have any metamagic to fix the range or duration problems it becomes pretty excellent.
Locate Creature – Potentially pretty good in a lot of contexts, but the range is pretty crap so you need to be more or less in the right place to begin with. The cast time is only a standard action though, so if someone gives you the slip you can catch them without too much hassle.
Greater Mirror Image – Firstly, this spell is an immediate action, so it is functionally free as a buff. Secondly, it makes more images, so if you get unlucky with your initial roll you aren’t in bad shape. You are better off using the classic version if you have any prep time, but this is a great option against an ambush.
Phantom Battle – Really not worth it. It allows a save and the effects aren’t even crippling. Never worth it.
Rainbow Pattern – The HD this spell affects makes it almost look useful, but unfortunately it’s pretty irrelevant in combat due to how fascination works.
Solid Fog – This spell is AMAZING. The reduction is movement speed is so huge that there’s really no way for a melee attacker to do anything while in the area, and on top of that it stops non-magic projectiles cold. If you need to split up your enemies for any reason this spell is a quick way to do that.
Mass Whelm – Just as useless as the other versions, though at least this one does as much damage as a real damage spell. Given, those spells at least do half damage on a save, and even then they still suck.

5th-Level — You Belong With Me

Break Enchantment – Super useful when you need it, does nothing when you don’t. Fortunately, you aren’t a prepared caster, so you just always have it when you need it.
Dominate Person – You literally get a thrall. If they fail the initial save, the only way they get another chance is if they do something “against their nature”. Fortunately, most of the people you fight are probably pretty violent, so they aren’t likely to get another save just because you tell them to go kill or (harm lethally) someone. Sadly, this spell only works on humanoids, so you probably won’t get a ton of opportunities to use it in most campaigns, but you can cast it so often that you may as well just enslave everyone you come across, especially since the duration is measured in days.
Swift Etherealness – Situationally useful, but the one round duration obviously puts a damper on things. If you gotta jump through a wall, this works pretty well though.
Feeblemind – This spell would be nice, but the things that it utterly destroys are all going to have the best chance of saving against it, although the spell makes up for this somewhat by giving arcane casters a penalty on the save. However the effects are instantaneous, so if you have some reason to want to utterly destroy someone for the hell of it, this spell sure does the trick.
Friend to Foe – This spell would be nice, but it only lasts until the first real hit, so it probably only amounts to a round or two of dazed or stunned. You have better things to do with your level 5 spells.
Hold Monster – This spell is pretty much a sure-fire kill spell when it goes off. Obviously it doesn’t work on everything, but what it does hit gets coup de grace’d like nobody’s business.
Incite Riot – Just a worse version of Friend to Foe, which already didn’t do enough.
Mind Fog – This would be nice, except you are almost certainly better off just casting the same spell twice rather than messing around with this dumb fog.
Rary’s Telepathic Bond – Nice if you need to be stealthy. Pretty high level for what it does though, and the duration makes the infinite range matter a lot less.
Seeming – The duration on this one makes it pretty nice. The ability to use it on unwilling targets surely has some uses too, although it still is probably pretty narrow.
Sending – If you get separated from part of your party somehow, this gives you a way to get back together. Still, at level 5 it is definitely only for emergencies.

6th-Level — May I Make a Suggestion?

Greater Dispel Magic – The same as regular dispel magic, but with an actual chance of success at this level. Probably not super worth it, but your list for level 6 is pretty sparse.
Mislead – This would be nice, but there was never any real reason you needed anything more than the most basic invisibility to begin with and you can’t target anyone else with it.
Overwhelm – Better than the rest of the whelm spells in that it at least is sure to do SOMETHING. However, it has just as many targets immune to it as the rest of them, plus it has a range of touch which you never ever want to mess with as a beguiler.
Repulsion – You could use this spell, or you could just be invisible. Only one of the two stops you from getting hit with spells and arrows.
Shadow Walk – A transit spell. Useful if you need to get somewhere, but then if you need to get somewhere the DM will always give you a way regardless.
Mass Suggestion – Pretty long range, lots of possible targets, pretty long duration. On the other hand, negated by a save, language-dependent, mind-affecting.
True Seeing – Really damn nice, but also the exact point where fully half of your spells stop working on casters. The duration is pretty short though, so you need to know what you are seeing through.
Veil – Long duration disguises. Probably not much better than Seeming though, especially since the duration requires concentration.

7th-Level — STOP, in the Name of Love

Greater Arcane Sight – The quickest way to know exactly what you are dealing with in terms of buffs and debuffs. Unfortunately, it uses up your level 7 spell slot for the privilege.
Ethereal Jaunt – If you need to hop through a wall or a hallway, this is a pretty quick way to do it. Unfortunately, it’s only you, so you had better know you are ending up somewhere safe.
Mass Hold Person – Coup de Grace for the whole family! Unfortunately, we are back to only working on humanoids, which is less than ideal.
Mass Invisibility – By this level, you should have way better methods of infiltration than 15 minutes of invisibility. Anything that senses by something other than sight is going to get past this.
Phase Door – A quick way through walls, though if walls are all that is stopping you there are probably easy ways to knock them down by now.
Power Word Blind – A bit late to get a spell like this. However, there is no saving throw, so against a humanoid or outsider target you have some chance of success, especially if they’ve taken a hit already.
Project Image – Nice for scouting, especially since it can cast touch spells through the image. The duration is pretty short though, so not necessarily worth the effort.
Spell Turning – Potentially really nice, though it can easily be wasted if you get unlucky. Doesn’t work on AoE spells or touch spells, which somewhat limits it, but at the very least it protects you from most of the save-or-die effects.

8th-Level — I Wish I Could Read Your Mind

Demand – Potentially pretty great. If you don’t know where someone is, you can make them tell you, for example. If nothing else, it gives you something to do on days when you aren’t doing combat.
Discern Location – Unlimited range and no saving throw. That said, mind blank will ruin your day, so it doesn’t work on arcane casters. Even still, it lets you skip right to the boss fight if you have teleport or something similar.
Mind Blank – Really damn good, not least because the 24 hour duration. Unfortunately, you likely can’t afford to use it on your whole party, so you’ll have to decide who is at the highest risk of getting charmed or dominated.
Moment of Prescience – A very nice bonus to exactly one roll. You never know when you might need it, but it is a level 8 spell so you had better choose wisely about when to use it.
Power Word Stun – Higher level and lower HP range than Power Word Blind. Unfortunately, by this point the odds of anyone actually being affected are pretty damn low. It’s a shame, because stun with no save could be really nice.
Scintillating Pattern – This spell almost looks like it could do something, but the caster level cap is 20, so even in the best case you aren’t going to hit half of what you want to with this.
Screen – The simple way to get around scrying if you can’t afford to Mind Blank everyone.

9th-Level — Total Domination

Dominate Monster – Finally everything you ever wanted. Hit any creature that isn’t immune to mind-affecting spells with this and you have a constant companion for the next 20 days. Of course, by this point any smart person is going to have mind blank or equivalent, so you are pretty much restricted to stealing an underling or two. Still extremely helpful.
Etherealness – Bring anyone anywhere pretty much. You should be able to target everyone in your party with this, and ethereal travel lets you get past just about every barrier.
Foresight – Never being surprised is pretty nice, but you need to have some idea of the danger in the first place since the spell’s duration is measured in minutes. The numerical bonuses aren’t anything amazing, but insight bonuses are some of the harder ones to come by, and avoid flat-footed is pretty nice.
Mass Hold Monster – This spell can easily end any encounter against enemies that aren’t immune to it. 9th level spells are pretty hard to resist with a save or spell resistance even if you’re planning for it.
Power Word Kill – By this point, this spell should do virtually nothing. If your allies have already softened up an enemy, you could maybe finish it off with this. You have to be pretty nearby though, and it isn’t easy to guess an enemy’s current HP under most circumstances.
Time Stop – Crazy busted. You get to cast 2-5 spells for the cost of one standard action and a 9th level spell slot. Of course, they deliberately make it so you can’t actually target an enemy, but several turns of buffs or Solid Fog is still great.




Skills & Skill Tricks

Description. Star beside class skills. If not obvious, can just put "x points." 


Appraise – 
Autohypnosis –
Balance – With 5 ranks in balance, you are not considered flat-footed while balancing. 0-5 points.
Bluff –
*Climb – 
Concentration – 
Craft – 
Decipher Script – 0 points.
Diplomacy –
Disable Device – 
Disguise – 
Escape Artist – 
Forgery – 0 points.
Gather Information – 
*Handle Animal – 
Heal – 
Hide – 
*Intimidate – 
*Jump – 
*Knowledge (nobility and royalty) – 
Knowledge (religion) – 
Knowledge (everything else) – 
Listen – 
Martial Lore – 
Move Silently – 
Open Lock – 
Perform –
Profession – 
*Ride – 
Search –
Sense Motive – 
Sleight of Hand – 
Spellcraft – 
Spot – 
Survival – 
*Swim – 
Tumble – 
Use Magic Device – 
Use Rope – 

Skill Tricks

Only if there are any worth mentioning do you need to fill this space.

Multiclass Options


Base Class

Prestige Classes


Prestige Class


Magic Items

Description. Only really need to list special equipment that has synergy or class-specific use. Stat boosts and other generic items are not listed.


Description. If a weapons section is necessary, then it should go here.

Relevant Rulings

This is a section for rulings that are commonly used to improve or make the class function; common misinterpretations of class abilities and related; fixes of broken rules; errata; or clarifications. May not need filled out. 

Finally a section for references/special thanks at the end.


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